Best Backpack for Women [Stylish Yet Comfortable]

Hauling our heavy laptops in our backpack on the daily commute to work can lead to uncomfortable backaches if we tend to opt for fashion over comfort. I know my work backpacks usually end up looking like eyesores that clash against my carefully coordinated work outfit. It’s always a disaster for someone as fashion conscious as me. Now all of that has changed! In this article we're going to explore top best backpack for women.

Women’s backpacks for work have come a long way, combining aesthetics and function so I no longer need to compromise style for practicality. Here is a rundown our top five recommendations for the best women’s backpack for work. We ask ourselves what makes a good backpack for work women, and assess our needs and wants, as this may differ from men in terms of comfort, size, practicality, and overall design. We too can lead our professional work lives and still look good in the process; you can have it all!

Top 5 Best Backpack for Women


Our top pick! A stylish design available in black or patterned. It’s made of PU leather and nylon makes this backpack is water resistant.


Vintage style backpack that seemed to be popular at the moment. It’s versatile and can be worn casual or smart so can also be used outside of workdays.


Best carry on backpack. A more feminine style, it looks more like a purse, its small, lightweight, water resistant, multipurpose, and theft resistant. Great for travelling when it might rain but can also be used as a work backpack for women.

4.5 of 5 Stars

This is another purse style backpack that’s comes with a cute decorative bow. It’s slightly more casual looking with a bow and a gold plaque


Fashionable compact, backpack purse design so its elegant and practical. It’s stylish and feminine design making it a perfect combination of a backpack and purse.

4.5 of 5 Stars

1.) KROSER - Best Laptop Backpack for Women

Our top pick! A stylish design available in black or patterned. It’s made of PU leather and nylon makes this backpack is water resistant. There is a handy USB port inside which means you can charge your cell phone using the connected power bank (not included) which is handy when travelling for work, and it has two handles at the top that makes it easy to carry. It also includes a luggage strap so you can fit this backpack on a suitcase, and it will slide over the upright handle for easy carrying.

There is also a multi-compartment, secured by a zipper with lots of room to store your books, laptop or tablet and a mesh pocket for smaller items such as credit cards and keys. I love the shape of this backpack, is reinforced so it is not lost when full. It’s a very practical bag with a lot of space inside it (it can fit a 15 inch laptop inside its padded sleeve), and it also comes with two side pockets that can fit a water bottle which is handy because it means less leakage inside your bag. 

There is also an inside pocket so lots of organizational space. It’s comfortable but still stylish. The outer pockets are easy to use. The shoulder straps are strong but not overly padded, so the style is not compromised by the comfort. It’s also a unisex design so can be shared with friends and family if needed and can be used by children as well as adults. Overall, this bag does it all and is highly versatile. We recommend this as our number 1 best work backpack for women as it ticks a lot of the boxes for style AND practicality.


  • Large laptop compartment, water repellent, contains a USB port.


  • The main zip may be awkward to use at first.

2.) Modoker – Best Vintage Bag for Women

Another great choice is this stylish vintage style backpack that seemed to be popular at the moment. It’s versatile and can be worn casual or smart so can also be used outside of workdays. It has attractive leather stitching as part of its design which makes it look high quality.

It has a large capacity, to fit books, magazines, folders, and clothes and can fit a 15.6 inch laptop. There is a front pocket with a zipper that is a good size, but could have been slightly bigger, but you can still use it to hold your travelcards, keys and other small items, a secondary pocket with a zipper and two side pockets for keeping your water bottles and umbrellas. As well as being practical and there is a choice of three colors. It’s made of durable Nylon which makes it lightweight, scratch-resistant, anti-tear and anti- water splashing, which means it’s good for traveling when it may rain. 

It also includes an external USB charging port (a power bank is not included) so you can charge your electronic device when you are walking, great if you are traveling. Your phone can sit snuggly in the side pocket whilst its charging. Despite being lightweight it’s still sturdy and heavy-duty. It’s very good value for money for what you get and its multiuse. This design is also unisex, so can be worn by both men and women which adds to its versatility. This is another great find.


  • Vintage design makes it stand out from other backpacks, lots of organizational compartments, can hold a laptop, USB charging port, lightweight.


  • Small straps for the backpack size, straps not heavily weighted, slightly smaller in size compared to other backpacks and may not fit a large number of items.

3.) Pincnel – Best Multifunction Backpack for Women

We recommend this as our best carry on backpack. A more feminine style, it looks more like a purse, its small, lightweight, water resistant, multipurpose, and theft resistant. Great for travelling when it might rain but can also be used as a work backpack for women.

The opening of the backpack is backside instead of the front as part of its anti-theft design to keep your belongings secure but also gives it a different look. It contains three open pockets on the inside and a zipped pocket on the opening flap. There is a small side compartment to carry a drinks bottle and a “hidden” front compartment that can hold your more valuable items such as your phone and keys. It’s comfortable to wear and perfect to use as hand luggage on a long flight.

The additional pockets on the left and right hand size of the bag give it even more storage space.

 It also comes with a removable single strap which give the option of how you want to wear it so you can have different looks, as a backpack or a handbag and carry it by its handle which makes it amazingly multipurpose. It comes with a fur key chain which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but that can easily be removed which makes the bag look expensive and classier, more suitable to wear to work. Great if you are traveling and don’t need to carry a lot of things with you. Good for daily use but may be limited as a specific work backpack depending on how many items you like to carry with you.


  • Anti-theft design, large choice of colors to choose from, adjustable straps to change the style that you wear it.


  • Medium size, may not fit larger laptops, lower quality with visible stitching, cheaper internal lining.

4.) LCFUN - Best Mini Leather Backpack

This is another purse style backpack that’s comes with a cute decorative bow. It’s slightly more casual looking with a bow and a gold plaque but can be used in a more relaxed work environment and can double up as a general bag for everyday use.

Lightweight and ideal for and everyday bag that will hold smaller items such as water bottles, phones, and wallets, but too small to fit a large laptop or binder in A4 size. Holds its shape well, even when full so it’s design it not compromised. The stitching on this bag is clean, it has one short top handle as well as adjustable shoulder straps. It has seven pockets in total which gives it great organizational space, the main zipped compartment has two internal slip pockets which could fit a large tablet.

There is also a front flap pocket and three additional slide slips if you want easy access to your items such as a travel card. Its design makes it stand out from other women’s backpack so if you are looking for something a little more unique and do not have large items to carry it could be your preferred choice. This is a study backpack; however, the front pocket and bow do feel a little thin in comparison to the rest of the backpack. The zipper charms are also a little loud whilst wearing it and walking and that might not be for everybody. Nevertheless, its good value for its price and durable for long period use.


  • Thick and sturdy leather, adjustable straps, large choice of colors available.


  • Small size will not hold binders or A4 folders, the bow on the front makes it a little too casual for a professional work environment, its straps are not of great quality.

5.) Nevenka – Best Leather Backpack Purse for Women

Another fashionable compact, backpack purse design so its elegant and practical. It’s stylish and feminine design making it a perfect combination of a backpack and purse. It’s made of faux leather and available in a range of colors and the golden zippers add to the elegance of the bag.

There is a large front pocket that is not very deep but will fit a cellphone, keys and other smaller items. Visually it’s a nice size and doesn’t look too big when worn, but it can be awkward to open the main zipper on top of the backpack easily to reach items inside quickly which is not ideal if you are on the move. There is a pocket across the middle on the inside of the main compartment which also makes it difficult to reach items quickly, as do the separators inside the bag with smaller pull tabs. These can easily be removed, and you can add your own makeup sized pouches to make them easier to find inside this backpack.

 The multiple pockets are great for storage but could have been designed with more supportive material rather than the flimsy statin material that has been used. The inside fabric is also dark brown which makes it difficult to see the contents of the bag, a contrasting color would be more helpful. It’s lightweight and has sturdy straps reinforced with cloth (not padding) so it’s not recommended for use if you plan to carry many heavy items. Good value for money for an everyday larger purse type of bag, but it lacks the capacity and durability for use as a women’s work backpack.


  • Available in many colors, adjustable straps


  • Not easy to get into this bag quickly, you have to unzip each side at the top to completely open the bag, small size, slight smell on arrival.

What Makes a Good Backpack for Work Women?

When thinking about what makes a good backpack for women, there are many factors to consider, size, shape, color, design, comfort, and practicality. At the end of the day it is still a personal choice, and requires doing your research and you looking for specific criteria to match your needs, and the look you are going for.

Things to Know Before Buying a Backpack for Work (Especially for Women)

There is a great deal of design variation when it comes to women’s work backpacks, so its important to be clear on your expectations before you buy, or even before start looking otherwise you may end up being overwhelmed by the level of choice. We have outlined the most important features to think of when considering choosing the best backpack for women to help you chose the right one for you.



You need your backpack to fulfill its purpose, does the size and capacity of the backpack fulfill all your needs? For example, if you are planning to carry work laptop make sure to check the size as some of them are mini backpacks and only fit smaller items. For others a laptop sized bag would be too big as they may only need to carry a few essential items and perhaps a notebook. Comfortable adjustable shoulder straps are a must if you plan to carry a heavy load, and if you travel a lot for work you may choose to purchase a backpack with an anti-theft mechanism to give you that piece of mind.

 Organizational pockets can be very helpful if you are carrying multiple items to keep you organized and you can remember exactly where you keep each item. If you are constantly taking things in and out of your bag, then you want to go for a backpack with easy reach compartments that are not awkward to open and that cause you to stop when you are walking to open your bag and reach in, for example when you are reaching for your travelcard, for the sake of fashion it can be very irritating!



Shape is everything! The shape of the backpack dramatically changes the look and feel of it. It can become casual in an instant. Decide how professional you want your backpack to look, or if you want to choose something you can also wear casually. Some of the quirkier shapes may compromise capacity and limit the space you have to store your essentials and are lighter and easier to carry.

The shorter back length also makes them more suitable for women who are more petite or shorter. The shape of the bag can also dramatically change your look and some shapes may or may not suit your own body shape, these are all points to take into consideration. Generally, women’s backpacks are smaller and have narrower straps at the shoulders to suit the body shape of a woman, however sometimes the comfort of these straps is compromised by making them look stylish, so it’s important to think about this, especially if you’ll be carrying a heavy laptop with you.


Price matters! The price of women’s backpacks and carry on backpacks varies significantly and this can also indicate the quality of the product. Cheaper work backpacks tend to have shorter lifespans, but it may be that you want to switch your style over a period of time so then this may not be an issue. It can be hard to choose.

Our choices have considered the best price for multiple features. You do not have to skimp out on your functional needs, quality or design even if you have a low budget, there are so many women’s backpacks for work out there you just have to find the one that’s right for you in your price range.


It has to be good quality. If you go for a better quality of bag, it will be worth paying a little bit more money, you’ll get a better finish on your backpack with less unsightly stitching and cheap inside lining and it will last longer. Alternatively, if you want to pay less but buy different backpacks to suit your style and mood you may want to go for a lower quality at a lower price.

We feel that buying a backpack for work needs to be durable and of high quality as it will be used daily and needs to be reliable, especially if you travel for work. The last thing you want is for your bag to break when you are at the airport! It might make you look a little less professional too. A high quality backpack helps with your overall image as a professional as it sets standards, and in some cases might even help you be taken more seriously by your clients.


Women may want to opt for a smaller, cute-looking bag that can be used as a purse, or they may want to go for a more professional tech backpack to carry laptop and other tech essentials, whilst some women may not need to carry a laptop for work. 

Some workplaces have now adopted a more causal work dress down environment to stimulate productivity and you don’t need to carry such a formal looking backpack, so purchasing a more general style could be beneficial as it could easily be used outside of work for recreational activities.

Freelancing is also becoming more popular nowadays with women working for themselves and working more from home, with the occasion trip to meet a client. Again, this may be a much more relaxed work environment and no need to carry a formal backpack so you can purchase something that is eye catching but still smart.



You want it to be comfortable. Choosing the wrong type of bag to carry all of your items can lead to backpain which can be avoid if the right backpack is used. Women’s backpacks for work are design with the women’s body shape in mind, it’s not just a marketing ploy for women. Their designers also bear in mind the items a woman may need to carry for work which makes them very useful. The shoulder straps tend to be shorter, and they are designed to help distribute weight evenly across the shoulder blades.

Understand your expectations and needs to make the right choice and choose the right backpack for your work needs.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

Here are a few commonly asked questions about women’s backpacks for work. It can be a useful reference guide so it’s important that you check this section to assess your criteria before you choose a women’s backpack for work.

Q: Are these backpacks unisex or specifically designed for women?

A: Generally, women’s backpacks may have a more feminine design and a shorter back length to suit a women’s body shape and shoulder size. Backpacks may be marketed towards women, but men can use them too.

Q: Do all women’s work backpacks come with laptop compartments?

A: No, if you are planning to carry a laptop make sure you check the size, some are designed to carry smaller items as not every woman needs to use a laptop for work.

Q: Are all Women’s backpacks Waterproof?

A: No, if this is feature you are looking for make sure you check the materials it is made from.

Q: What are the best work backpacks for women?

A: I would suggest going for one that’s big enough to store a laptop, but also in a purse design so it can be used more casually too, you’ll get the most use out of it.

There you have it, work backpacks for women come in all shapes and designs, from smaller purse sized more multipurpose backpacks, to larger backpacks designed to carry laptops. The level of choice can be overwhelming if you don’t pinpoint your exact needs before you start shopping around. Pick the most important criteria to your individual needs and then focus your search on that specific work backpacks range. Hopefully this guide will help you determine your needs, or you can save time and go straight for our first choice for the best backpack for work women - KROSER’s Laptop Backpack to suit all your needs. 

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