Best Backpack for Techies – Buying Guide with [Top 5 Picks]

One of the wishes for every tech person or even hikers and riders is having the right bag. While many may view the correct in terms of size, shape or purpose, we recommend a view of a combination of all those factors. In this article, we shall focus on the best backpack for techies available in the market.

At times, you might come across situations that tend to be very hectic and unpredictable. Having the right bag is then important.

Here in this blog, We will help you identify the key features that you ought to look for in this kind of bag. Ideally, we intend to make your shopping experience easier by providing you with the top bags to go for.

By the end of this article, you should be able to know what to look and go for while also understanding the importance of such a bag.

One of the exhausting tasks is getting to choose the right tech backpack in a crowded and competitive market. However, let this not give you sleepless nights. Here are our top picks of bags that you can go for.

Our Picks of the Best Tech Backpack


eBags - Best Backpack for Techies

Affordability, quality and price are a great combination with this product. The manufacturers have ensured that standards are key.


Incase Icon Pack - Fashionable Backpack for Techies

Assembled with ballistic and heavy-duty nylon. This ensures that you get arguably one of the best and long-lasting bags in the market

4.5 of 5 Stars

Lenovo Legion Armored - Gaming Backpack For Tech Professionals

Carrying your laptop and gaming device is going to be fun. Moreover this gaming backpack offers you total protection from the rain.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Markryden - Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Universal and multipurpose tech travel backpack. Protects your valuable stuff from getting into the hands of thieves!


Voltaic Systems Array - Rapid Solar Backpack For Tech Enthusiast

A backpack that provides great storage facility. The most outstanding aspect about it is it's being solar powered.

1. eBags - Best Backpack for Techies [Affordable & Spacious]

Affordability and quality plus a good price are a rare combination of any product. Mostly, you are likely to be duped with bad quality at a lucrative price or vice versa. However, with the eBags professional slim laptop backpack, such issues should not worry you. The manufacturers have ensured that standards are key.

To begin with, the bag is large enough to ensure that all your goods can fit. It comes with external measurements of about 18 inches by 8.5 inches and a large compartment that is about 18 inches also by 1.5 inches. In addition, its capacity is quite encouraging with a quantity of about 22 liters.

On its features, the bag comes with about 17 inches sleeves for your laptop. This ensures that your device is and perfectly held in position. Consequently, there is an extra sleeve that you can use for your tablet, iPad and other devices of such sizes.

A compartment for the AC-adapter which is removable for easy and fast adjustments is also fitted. Its water compartment is large enough that it can fit two water bottles.

The manufacturers have also ensured that this pack is the best everyday tech backpack for your travel escapades. It comes with sleeves that are pass-through. This ensures that your luggage is secure from any possible roll.

In addition, its side and the top have handles for easy carriage. Interestingly to note, the backpack straps have the capacity to stow.

The main compartment has been made easy to access; thanks to the vertical exterior zip. Similarly, in terms of organizing, the inside is partitioned in diagonal pockets for neatness and extra storage.

For comfort and minimal sweating, the designers made the back panel padded with air mesh; removable and easily adjusted. It is one of the best bags you can find with great features and at a very affordable price.


  • Very spacious
  • Additional partitions for extra space in the main compartment
  • Durable as it is made of high quality material
  • Comes with an AC adapter garage
  • Easy access to the main compartment


  • Parts of the bag fray very fast
  • Beverage compartments are not that good
  • Not very affordable to all

2. Incase Icon Pack - Fashionable Backpack for Techies

While shopping, it is always recommended to sample varieties in terms of color or even shapes. We all want a situation where, you have a lot to choose from that you are spoil for choice. Such is the case with the Incase Icon Pack!

The manufacturers have ensured that you have a variety to choose from in terms of color although all are in the same size. For starters, the pack is made durable and strong with a combination of ballistic and heavy-duty nylon. This ensures that you get arguably one of the best and long-lasting bags in the market.

Again, the material is also resistant to wear and tear and can be washed by both hand and machine. It is however recommended to hand wash.

In terms of space and organization, the manufacturers made quiet an exemplary work. The bag comes with three very big compartments.

Interestingly, they have made them big to accommodate any kind of device from laptops to tablets and other similar electronic devices. Just to mention on the sizes, the interior compartment can hold a laptop close to 15 inches.

Comfort is always a customer satisfaction strategy and this pack has not failed on that. The inner case has specially made channels that allow air to flow to the compression panel to minimize back sweating. On the shoulders, they are padded for comfort and the straps are adjustable for weight balance.

Additionally, it is incorporated with a sternum strap for weight distribution evenly to minimize spine damages. To ensure that your devices are protected, the pack comes with specially padded compartments. Its linings are fitted with faux-fur to ensure optimal protection features are in place.

The side pockets are easy to access and come with integrated cables sockets for your portable audio or power banks. Overall, this pack comes with quite many features and the engineers have given it a good tech-savvy touch with the most modern features.


  • Optimal protection features thanks to the faux fur lining
  • Integrated cable sockets for portable devices
  • Sternum straps for weight distribution
  • Three large compartments
  • Side pockets act as extra storage space
  • Strong and durable build
  • Tear and wear resistance
  • Waterproof


  • Very costly
  • Comes only in one size
  • Not compatible with roller suitcases

3. Lenovo Legion Armored - Gaming Backpack For Tech Professionals

Let's check out this stylish bag we are about to review. If you happen to hail from an area where there's a lot of rain throughout the year, you are going to love this product.

For, it offers you total protection from the rain. So, the days of using umbrellas are gone with this modern bag. Unless, of course, you are not okay with getting wet yourself.

Now, the bag comes with a tough exoskeleton to deal with situations when the weather goes hostile. Be it raining throughout the day or anything else, the bag can live through the toughest of weather conditions, thanks to this impressive feature. They have made it highly weatherproof.

Since the backpack is always accompanying you, it should provide you with enough comfort. Otherwise, it would be unpleasant to carry it along, not to mention the possibility of back aching and all that.

If you are worried about having sufficient airflow ventilation in your bag, then be no more with this guy. For, they have made the back panel compression-molded to cover this aspect.

There’s something else about this bag that I found pretty cool. To provide support, they have introduced an adjustable shoulder strap. Therefore, it won’t look odd hanging down from the shoulders or being too close to them. It will look just right.

As stylish the bag already is, this particular feature just adds to its beauty!

This bag is versatile, mobile and armored. In terms of space and accommodation, you won’t have to worry a bit. For, the bag will provide you with 3 compartments to carry all the things you want.

What’s more, there are 16 pockets in place to keep things well organized. So, carrying your laptop, books or any sort of gaming device is going to be fun from now on with the best tech laptop backpack on our list.


  • Impressive weather protection with the built-in exoskeleton
  • Spacious with multiple numbers of pockets
  • Comfortable carry
  • Provides sufficient airflow ventilation
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Strong and durable build
  • Waterproof


  • No hook to hang flash drives from
  • No cushioning at the bottom
  • A bit tall

4. Markryden - Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

Looking for a universal and multipurpose backpack for your laptop? Then check out this gaming bag. It’s the best tech travel backpack we found out there.

Apart from serving various purposes, it will protect your valuable stuff from getting into the hands of thieves! Yeah, you heard it right. They have introduced an extremely cool anti-theft feature in this backpack. This outstanding feature ought to get your attention, especially if you are a seasoned traveler.

What they did is that they introduced some concealed zippers in the bag that someone won’t see if he’s in a hurry.

Also, there are backside zippers that are nicely hidden. So, there will be no more troubles concerning the valuable gears getting lost from the bag. Be it keys or mobile phones, you can carry them along all the time.

Moreover, you can rest assured with not having to buy any other bag soon, for it's very durable. The materials they used in making it are top-quality to give it a long life. In terms of style, they have done a fabulous job.

You may want to thank the designers for the contrasting grey color they have given to this bag. You will find it to be pretty sleek.   

You don’t get to see a backpack coming with USB cables much often, do you? Well, this thing comes with this cool feature too. A removable USB cable will be there for you to charge your devices. This is what makes the bag convenient and forces us to recommend it highly.

And it gets better with the supple main pocket you can open up easily. It’s like opening a suitcase. Cool, right?

The bag comes with a large storage capacity. In addition to that, they have made it water-resistant and anti-tear. As far as comfort is concerned, the padded strap is there to provide you with enough of it.


  • Impressive Anti-Theft feature
  • High durability and quality
  • A USB cable for charging devices
  • Supple main pocket
  • Large storage capacity


  • Very small side pockets
  • No hidden zippers in front pockets
  • Velcro flaps aren’t efficient

5. Voltaic Systems Array - Rapid Solar Backpack For Tech Enthusiast

This is a backpack that provides great storage facility. The most outstanding aspect about it is it's being solar powered. It comes with 10 watts of power. Having a bag like this will allow you to carry multiple devices along.

What’s also amazing about this backpack is that they have introduced a urethane coating to it for making it UV resistant. You will be impressed with the waterproof panels it comes with.

Charging your USB devices won’t be a problem if you happen to own this backpack. It also charges any of the tablets out there. But, you might need an additional adapter to charge a few tablets.

Since DSLRs have become among the most popular devices around the world, people look for a backpack that can provide charge for these devices. And you will be in for a treat if you are one of those folks. For, this bag will charge the DSLRs along with other USB charged cameras.

In addition to that, it charges any laptop measuring 15 inches or less. With such a charging facility, it has to be the best tech backpack in the market. The backpack is quite lightweight weighing around 5 pounds.

It also has a comfortable size to carry it around. There are smart pockets included with the bag for providing an efficient charging facility. You will have to appreciate the padded laptop sleeves it comes with. For, cushioning for the devices is a feature many backpacks lack.

In terms of storage, the compartment is fairly large for keeping any sort of devices like tablets, adapters, and cables. Another little feature I found cool is the water bottle pocket. They have made it nicely expandable. What's more, there's a tripod carry strap in place for providing comfort to your shoulder.

Only if there were any instructions available with the product, it would be brilliant. Nevertheless, the fact that it’s UV resistant, lightweight, and waterproof makes it more than worth the money and the best backpack for tech.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • UV resistant
  • Highly waterproof
  • Large storage facility
  • Charges numerous devices


  • An instruction would have been nice
  • Getting the gears in and out isn’t very easy
  • Tips over at times when setting down

What to Look For In a Tech Backpack?

Many people will tell you that research and getting to know about a product is the key. Yes, you ought to know what to look for to be able to distinguish quality from counterfeits. The same case applies to the best tech laptop backpack.

Below are the key features to consider before you can purchase any tech backpack

Capacity and Size

While buying, our intention is to ensure that whatever you get can hold the number of items we have or want. It is then important to know the number of tech items you intend to have in the bag.

Ideally, we recommend that you go for either the standard size or the extra-large pack. With either of the two, you are guaranteed of extra storage space and enough room for any other extra item you have.

However, if you are not the heavy machinery person, then get a smaller pack for personal use.


The shape has many issues that come with it. Any shape on any bag tends to dictate the size which in turn leads to the capacity limitations. Go for those that have regular shaped main compartments.

Importantly, ensure that the inner compartments are partitioned and fitted with safety hooks. This way, you will be guaranteed that your items will be held in position hence safe.

Bags with irregular shapes tend to have limited space since in most cases they are very squeezed and can take a limited number of items.


Price is another crucial consideration to lookout for. Now, one key thing that determines the price is quality. It is ideal to note that in many instances, there are companies that sell their brand. You do not have to spend on a name. All you need is a bag and a quality one. Right?

Ensure you do not fall a victim of such cases by making sure you double-checked and compared features from different brands. Doing this will help you get the best at the right price.

However, you do not have to look further. Get the best tech travel backpack at the best price by going for any of the two packs we have reviewed above.  

Build Quality

Just like we had mentioned in price, spend on quality!

Go for a bag that is made of tough and high-quality material. Because such bags tend to have a long life. Consequently, go for those that have strong stitches at the joints. These are the best since they are strong and can withstand any kind of weight.

Also, look for those with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt. They are perfect as they ensure an evenly distributed weight load to minimize the risk of hurting your back.

Level of Waterproof

The weather is never that predictable. In such cases, ensure that you go for a pack that is waterproof. It is important to note that there are those that are semi-waterproof, fully waterproof and others completely non-waterproof.

Ensure you go for a bag that is completely waterproof to be on the safe side. Such bags will guarantee that all your items are free from water damages.

Purpose of the Bag

When we mention techies, there are a number of personalities that fall in this category. There are gamer, technical assistants, and even IT managers. As such, it is important to know which category you are in.

Try to buy what fits your purpose. For instance, IT managers and technical assistants can go for solar-powered bags as those will keep them working anywhere anytime; conversely, survival backpacks are built for wilderness expeditions. In short, each bag has special features targeting each audience. 

Understand your purpose to enjoy quality.

Backpack for Techies - FAQs

There are always questions asked about a product. And some are really useful. It is hence important to ensure you check this section. Here are a few commonly asked queries about tech backpacks;

Q. Are all Techie’s backpacks solar powered?

A. Not all of the techie’s bags are solar-powered. To get such a bag, you need to know the purpose of your bag. Most bags meant for gamer and technical assistants are solar-powered. However, the normal ones like the ones we have reviewed above are not.

Q. Is there a specific brand of techie’s pack that is durable?

A. There is no specific brand that can be said to be superior. It all depends on all you want. Simply look for those with stitching at joints. They are much stronger. Also, check on the above-reviewed bags. They are quality, durable, and very affordable.

Q. What are the best tech bags for gamer and techies?

A. Go for the solar-powered bags if you need to work on the road. However, the bags we have reviewed for above are the best of these two categories.

Q. How much does a techie pack cost?

A. Depending on the features, most cost around $100 to $200. However, the prices rely on how sophisticated the bag is in terms of technology and features.

Q. Are all techie bags waterproof?

A. No. There are those that are semi-waterproof and others completely non-water proof. It is important to ensure that you check before you buy. Go for those that are completely waterproof.

Final Words

From the above-reviewed packs, I am certain that choosing the best backpack for techies has been made easier.

Remember the key features are important to consider. Also, ensure you do not fall victim of the brand name issues. Above all, our two products will surely come in handy. Go for any and be sure of no setbacks whatsoever.

Backpacks are a daily requirement, we carry them wherever we travel. Often time it might get dirty, but a deep wash can return a clean and fresh look and it's not so hard to do. You can do it either by hand washing or by a laundry machine. Read our blog, easy and simple way of cleaning a backpack. What are you waiting for! Let's bring a newer look.

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