Worst Time To Visit St Thomas

St. Thomas is your gateway to entering the U.S. Caribbean islands. Since its purchase from Denmark in 1917, St. Thomas has caught the eye of tourists more than all three islands of the U.S. Virgin Islands, also known as USVI. Thanks to its rich cultural history and the facility of a port, cruise ships can easily land here. Apart from all these artificial facilities, you’ll find magnificent beaches on St. Thomas Island. It is known for some of the clearest water in the entire world, making snorkeling highly popular here. The island also offers a variety of wildlife both on land and in the water. To enjoy your trip to St. Thomas, you should be informed about the best and worst times to visit St. Thomas so that you can make the most of your trip.

Weather in St. Thomas Islands

As the island is in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, all of the U.S. Virgin Islands have tropical effects on their weather. The weather shifts between dry and wet and remains quite consistent throughout the years. So, you shouldn’t get too worried about sudden weather shifts. To enjoy your trip to St. Thomas to the fullest, we recommend that you pick the dry season. During this time, you’ll be able to experience most of its beauty and adventure, whereas the rainy or stormy season can ruin your fun times.

St. Thomas Island’s Weather Patterns

St. Thomas Island, being in a tropical climate zone, doesn’t have regular seasons like summer, spring, winter, etc. Its weather clock continuously shifts between the dry and wet seasons. The patterns remain almost the same throughout the years, helping travelers plan their trips ahead without any worry.

Dry Season on St. Thomas Island

The dry season on St. Thomas Island usually lasts between December and April. Pleasant and slightly warm weather begins in December and continues until mid-April. Temperatures range from 74°F to 87°F (23°C to 31°C) during this period, providing perfect weather to fully experience the island’s natural beauty and engage in endless fun activities such as birdwatching, snorkeling, and yachting. Throughout this timeframe, we don’t see much rainfall until the middle of April. Only at this time, things start getting quite wet, making it difficult for many tourists to visit the island.

Also, if you’re lucky and you don’t see any signs of Caribbean storms and the climate remains relatively stable, the water remains at its clearest throughout the season in most places.

Wet Season on St. Thomas Island

The wet season spans from May to November on St. Thomas Island. The humidity stays a bit higher than usual, and there’s a high chance of rain during this time. The temperature ranges between 77°F to 89°F (25°C – 32°C) during this period. Although the temperature might seem bearable, the Caribbean humidity is not so enjoyable. The wet season comes with the risk of storms and hurricanes, especially from August to October. The rain, when it occurs, is generally sudden and quick without any prior warning. If it’s raining in the Caribbean, you’ll likely need to stay inside your room the whole time, as heavy rain makes outdoor activities practically impossible.

As mentioned earlier, St. Thomas is one of the 3 islands of US Virgin Islands. All three islands are located nearby, so you won’t see that much of a weather difference in the different islands. 

How Is The Weather Overall?

The US Virgin Islands has generally warm weather all year around. You will see a very minimal shift in the weather. Average high temperatures range from 85°F – 95°F (29-35°C), while average low temperatures range from 75°F – 85°F (24-29°C). Throughout all three islands, two main seasons are seen – dry and wet. Then there are also certain times when hurricanes or tropical storms hit. Here is a basic table to help you get an overview of the weather in the US Virgin Islands –

SeasonTime DurationBasic Characteristics 
Dry SeasonDecember – AprilLower Rainfall, Cooler Temperature
Wet SeasonMay – NovemberHigher Rainfall, Warmer Temperature
Hurricane SeasonJune – NovemberTropical Storms and Hurricanes

Worst Time to Visit St Thomas

The worst time to visit St. Thomas Island is the wet season (May to November). As this season is filled with humidity and a high risk of storms and hurricanes, it causes a lot of trouble for travelers. During the rainy season, the island experiences the most rainfall in August, September, October, and November. To enjoy St. Thomas Island to the fullest, we recommend that you do not visit the island during this season.

Hurricane Season in St Thomas

Between June and November is considered the hurricane season in the Caribbean. However, this doesn’t necessarily happen all the time, nor everywhere. Whenever a strong hurricane forms in the Caribbean Sea, it only affects a small part of the sea. Sometimes, no island is affected at all. The worst part is, no one knows where it’s going to make landfall, so taking precautions is a must. The unique tropical geography of the Caribbean islands, including St. Thomas, makes them vulnerable to storms and hurricanes.

Rainy Season in the US Virgin Islands 

Rainy seasons in the Virgin Islands affect all three islands (St. Thomas, St. John, and Tortola) around the same time as all of them are nearly situated. Taking place alongside the end of the Caribbean hurricane season (September to November), this timeframe is considered the rainy season. It’s also considered the least ideal time to visit the St. Thomas islands. During this period, the average temperature remains within the range of 85°F-88°F (29°C-31°C). The increased humidity significantly impacts people. As previously mentioned, since this season is one of the less favorable times to visit, it doesn’t attract many tourists. Most travelers avoid this season due to the unpredictable weather and the likelihood of storms and rain.

Although fewer crowds and tourists might offer relatively more affordable accommodations and other amenities, your stay won’t be comfortable during this season. Even when there’s no rain, the humidity can make your stay uncomfortable.

Best Time to Visit the St. Thomas Island

The best time to visit the beautiful St. Thomas Island is from mid-December to April when it is considered the dry season. Comfortable weather during this season also attracts many tourists to the island. This is the peak tourist season as well. The weather is generally pleasant and dry. During this time, the temperature ranges between 77°F to 85°F (25°C to 29°C).

Perfect Conditions

During this time of the year, the sky stays clear. The atmosphere is very vibrant and very clear water is also found. But good things come with cons too. This time being the most perfect time to visit, attracts a lot of visitors making regular activities and sightseeing very crowded. So, if you don’t plan properly, even in the nicest weather you might not be able to enjoy the weather to the fullest due to the rush of tourists.

You can visit Coral World Ocean Park, beautiful beaches across the island, take a Skyride to Paradise Point, try snorkeling and a lot more. This island is full of beautiful places.

FAQs about Visiting St. Thomas Island

Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about St. Thomas Island.

Where is St. Thomas Island located?

St. Thomas Island is part of the United States Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. It is situated at the east of Puerto Rico.

What currency is used on St. Thomas Island?

US Dollars (USD) are the official currency of St. Thomas Island, just like the rest of the US. However, while St. Thomas Island is not entirely cash-only, we recommend carrying cash for most of your activities, as many venues here do not accept cards of any kind.

Is St. Thomas domestic or international?

St. Thomas Island is considered domestic because it is part of the US Virgin Islands, which were acquired by the USA. If you’re flying from the US, your travel is considered domestic.

Do I need a passport to visit St. Thomas Island?

No, if you’re traveling from the US, you don’t need a passport. Although, we recommend you carry your passport as it is a very strong form of identification. If you are here from the outside, you obviously need a passport.

What activities are popular on St. Thomas Island?

St. Thomas offers a range of fun activities, such as – snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and shopping. You can visit historic places like Blackbeard’s Castle, and enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right time for your trip is very important. Make sure you visit St. Thomas Island in the dry season to maximize your travel experience to the fullest. Don’t forget to pre-plan accordingly and take some extra cash than your requirement as most of the places don’t accept cards. We hope you will have an amazing trip to the beauty of the US Virgin Islands – St. Thomas Island!

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