Top Theme Parks in Alaska – The Main Attractions and Everything You Need to Know

Alaska is widely known for all the natural beauty it upholds. Although it doesn’t offer theme parks as much as the other states of the USA do, there are some fantastic amusement and theme parks in Alaska where you can get quality time and experience with your family and friends.

The land of the midnight sun, Alaska, has a number of theme parks with unique features. Starting from regular theme parks, it has water parks, ice parks, adventurous parks, and whatnot! Not to add to the list that both in indoor and outdoor forms! It adds a variety of tropical to continental to polar experiences.  In a climate-controlled area like Alaska, what more can you ask?

List of Theme Parks in Alaska

Here’s a list of famous theme parks in Alaska along with the Google map and location. Head over and spend some quality time with your family, friends, and loved ones.

1. Mukluk Land

Being called “the most Alaskan place in Alaska,” Mukluk Land has the highest rating as an Alaskan theme park. ‘Mukluk,’ a shoe Alaskans-worn, will welcome you to the entry. It has both a garden and a museum to offer. This was a junkyard containing salvaged scraps and, later, turned into a theme park by the owners. 

Skeet-ball, bouncy house, mini golf, tetherball, and wack-a-mole are claimed to be their unforgettable attractions. In addition to the list, there is also a doll mausoleum, a giant mosquito, a trampoline igloo, and an outhouse collection. 

With all these great options to attempt, this park, though, has a minimal time to visit. It is only open from June to August. So, don’t waste your time and hop onto Mukluk Land in the middle of the year!

Operating hours: daily 2 pm-7 pm [1]

Admission and ticket fee: 2-5$ (free for under 3)

Address: AK-2, TOK, AK 99780, United States

Season: June-August (summer)

2. Kawanti Adventures

“Something for everyone” would be the best tagline for Kawanti Adventures. You’ll find enticement everywhere, whether on the ground or at an elevation of 3000’. Including five ziplines, you can also have axe throwing, suspension bridge, flightseeing, adventure karts, and wildlife exploration added to your list. A historic sawmill, a totem park, Misty Fjords, Ketchikan flightseeing, and a crab feast will make you not wait longer to visit Kawanti Adventures. 

Black bear and Anan Creek bear exploration from late July to September can be a lifetime memory as these are rare worldwide. Although, you have to pay an extra charge for these activities.

Check the websites before you start for Kawanti adventures. All their activities have different criteria, such as, to enjoy the adventure karts, you must weigh 40-300 pounds. Also, they suggest difficulty level with every activity. So give it a quick check before heading out, too. 

As a certified Adventure Green Alaska program, Kawanti Adventures maintains environmental sustainability and the preservation of wildlife. 

Cost: starting from 105$ [2]

Address: 4085 Tongass Ave, Ketchikan, AK 99901

Season: summer

Restrictions: age must be above 8

Note: Comfortable footwear

3. Alaska State Fair Inc.

It is a safe place for Alaskans to gather and have a festival. Alaska State Fair is a non-profit organization offering a diversity of vendors, food palates, rides, concerts, acrobats, exhibits, flower gardens, and everything you’ll want in a fair!

It is also a perfect showcase of the beauty of Alaska. Excluding annual events of the state fair, you can also book it for your gatherings and celebrations.

Address: 2075 Glen Hwy, Palmer, AK 99645, United States [3]

Operating hours: 11 am-10 pm

Season: All year

4. Pioneer Park

It is located in the heart of Fairbanks, Alaska, with an enriched historical appeal. Pioneer Park gives its visitors a unique experience of a carousel, sternwheeler, Mining Valley, a quick visit around the park on a train, a guided tour of their artifacts, Bear Art Gallery, disc golf, Chena river kayaking, and a playground altogether. It also has a dining show and a Gazebo Night in the evening. All these are free of cost or at a bare minimum cost.

Admitting it has more to offer during summer, such as baked salmon for dinner, during winter, it also shows individual features like a tree lighting ceremony after Thanksgiving.     

Address: 2300 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99701 [4]

Admission and ticket fee: No admission

Hours: daily, 12 pm-8 pm

Season: All year (more to enjoy in summer)

5. Aurora Ice Museum

Being the most extensive ice environment in the world, Aurora Ice Museum delivers everything in ice. You can even get a drink which is served in an iced glass! The museum rooms are entirely made of ice.

A giant chess board, iced chandeliers, and monuments will amaze you. Every year, ice carvers from all over the world display their artwork here. It has guest rooms which will leave you with a sheering experience. The ice is kept at -7 degrees Celsius or 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Address: 17600 Chena Hot Springs Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99712 [5]

Admission and ticket fee: $10 (minors) -$15(adults) 

Operating Hours: daily, 11 am – 7 pm 

Season: All year

6. H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark

Being Alaska’s only water park, H20asis adds a fun and quirky experience to your tab. 17 seconds down water slide, the master blaster, open flume orange slide, enclosed green slide, 575-foot long ‘lazy river’ surrounding the park, wave pool for everyone, mushroom waterfall, pirate ship kiddie pool, Alaska tub, beached boat slide will surely make you confused on what to do first! H2Oasis puts on a tiny tropical touch in a shivering, cold area like Alaska.

It hosts birthday parties. It also hosts special events at regular intervals, such as toddler time, water aerobics, river walk, etc. 

Address: 1520 O’Malley Rd, Anchorage, AK 99507 [6]

Operating hours: Fri 3 pm-7 pm, Sat 10 am-7 pm, Sun 12 pm-7 pm 

Admission and ticket fee: 24.99-29.99$

Season: All year

7. Rainforest Canopy Ropes and Zipline Adventure Park

On an excursion at Ketchikan, get off your ship and visit this. Adventure and nature lovers will be awestruck by swinging through Alaskan treetops. You’ll find seven ziplines and eight canopy ropes to sway you over a bird sanctuary and 50’ up from sea level. It is a jungle gym.

Address: 37 Potter Rd, Ketchikan, AK 99901 [7]

Admission fee and tickets: $125+

Operating Hours: daily, 7 am – 7 pm (reservations needed)

Season: All year

Top attractions

As Alaska is a sanctuary of natural beauty, the top attractions for visitors here are zipline and canopy roping over the Alaskan tree tops. The variety of experiences also attracts the consumers. You can go canopy roping if you’re looking for a thrilling, adventurous experience. If the situation demands fun with family, you can go to indoor parks such as Go Air and H20asis. In summer, you can have a light diversion; you might choose outdoor parks like Pioneer Parks or Mukluk Land.

So, no matter which experiences you’re looking for, Alaska’s variety of options will confuse you on what to do first! Be it an outdoor experience or indoor, tropical feelings or icy cold, adventure or mere fun, Alaska will treat you as you desire, that is for sure!

Alaska Theme Parks Map

For your convenience, here is a short description of the map: 

Mukluk land is situated in the middle of Tok, along with the Alaska Highway. H20asis Indoor Waterpark and Alaska State Fair Inc. are both in two different corners of Anchorage. H20asis is close to the Seward Highway and O’Malley Road; on the other hand, Alaska State Fair Inc. is a little far from Anchorage, near Lazy Mountain. To be more precise, on Glenn Highway.

Pioneer Park is positioned at the center of Fairbanks, right off the Pegar route. It can be described as one of Alaska’s middle points. If you are off to Aurora Ice Park, drive directly along the Chena Hot Springs road in the Chena River State Recreation Area.

Kawanti land, including Rainforest canopy ropes and zipline, stands right on Tongass Ave. Rainforest canopy ropes and zipline is situated in the southern part of Ketchikan. It is just off the path to the Tongass Highway, and Knudson Cove Road, and Kawanti land is with Carlanna Creek.

Insider Tips

Before going to a particular theme park, check the schedule and prices. You should also look for services such as dining, stroller, locker, bag policy, health restrictions, safety measures, etc. Remember to double-check the weather before stepping out!

Almost all parks arrange special events and have different schedules according to the season. So make sure you are aware of this, too.


Alaska may not pop into your mind when it comes to theme parks. But according to this blog, it has a lot to offer as natural and human-made beauties. So, let’s not waste any more time and book a visit to an Alaskan amusement park to experience the Last Frontier!

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