Once in a Lifetime Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the city of angels as the people put it, where dreams shine under the dazzling lights. Whether you go for Los Angeles or just call it LA, it’s a place that’s one of a kind. It’s not just a city, it has got a reputation as the entertainment capital. You’ve got your celebrities, the glitz, the glamour, and let’s not forget the artsy side, museums, sandy beaches, and even sports – it’s a complete package. And there are a lot of once-a-lifetime things to do in Los Angeles.

Unless you’re a local, hopping over to this city isn’t an everyday thing. So, if you’re planning a visit to Los Angeles, pre-planning is a must. There should be so much on the list when doing things in Los Angeles. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Once In A Lifetime Things To Do and Visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the city of your dreams – everything you do here feels magical. From sightseeing the famous Hollywood sign to getting a bird’s-eye view from a helicopter, LA excites you every time. Talk about savoring famous local fusion foods or experiencing unbelievable views while trekking the Malibu hills – everything becomes a lasting memory. Let’s explore the once-in-a-lifetime things to do in LA. We’ll tell you how to.

The Famous Hollywood Sign Adventure

Alright, I’m betting you’ve seen that iconic Hollywood sign in movies and all over your favorite influencers’ social media posts. Guess what? This is your turn to take in that very famous view.

The sign is perched up there on Mount Lee, and getting the finest view means a hike to the top. The hike might tire you out, but the reward of the iconic view will be worth every bit of it.

For a far better view, an effortless way is just scooting over to Griffith Observatory. They say it’s like Southern California’s backstage pass to the universe.

BTS of Movie Sets

Ever wondered how all those movies are being made? Visiting Los Angeles gives you the opportunity to experience it live. Iconic studio tours take you to the very places where your favorite childhood movies were made.

Lots of studios around here offer guided tours for folks like us just itching to see what goes down behind the scenes.

Universal Studios

Had your fill of watching movies? How about living in one? A visit to the famous Universal Studios can satisfy that craving. From the magical world of Harry Potter to the very exciting Jurassic Park adventure, Universal Studios has got you covered. The rides, shows, and immersive experiences make you feel like you are a part of the action too!


Remember wanting to meet Mickey Mouse during your childhood? Los Angeles can make that dream come true. Head over to Disneyland and meet all your favorite childhood characters. Walk down Main Street and enter the “Happiest Place on Earth.” You can also head towards Disneyland California Adventure Park which is a few steps away from the central park. A must-visit is the newly made The Avengers Campus where you can meet your favorite Marvel superheroes too! Before you leave do not forget to try the famous churros, dole-whip & mickey-shaped beignets.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Picture yourself walking down a legendary street, surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Welcome to Hollywood’s famous Walk of Fame, where you can find footsteps of your favorite stars and celebrities.

And most importantly, don’t forget your camera. Capture your favorite stars as you stroll down the road. Along the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, you’ll also pass by the famous TCL Chinese Theatre and Dolby Theatre, where the iconic Academy Awards take place. Don’t forget to peekaboo.

Taste of LA

Every place in the world has its own signature culinary stars, and LA is no exception. The city is so diverse that you can find your favorite Chinese, Mexican, and Indian restaurants on the same corner. Don’t leave LA without savouring its famous foods.

In Los Angeles, you’ll find a variety of fusion foods due to the broad diversity. From food trucks to fine dining, LA is filled with everything. Visit iconic joints like Pink’s Hot Dogs or enjoy a Pastrami Sandwich at Langer’s, which has been serving the city since the 1930s.

Be a Part of TV Shows

After enjoying diverse foods, why not attend a TV show? As mentioned earlier, LA being the entertainment capital offers a wide range of services for entertainment lovers.

You can be part of a TV show as a live audience. Do a bit of planning and look for your favorite comedy night show. Many shows offer the option to pre-register as an audience member; don’t delay. Submit your information and you’re set. Experience how your favorite Saturday night comedy show is made.

And don’t forget about the dress codes; double-check if your outfit aligns with the dress code of the show you’re attending. Get ready to enjoy the best times of your life!

Malibu Hills

Looking for a break from the city adventures? No need to worry, Los Angeles has you covered. It’s time for some outdoor excitement.

Visit the Malibu Hills; it’s like a secret gateway to paradise. As you go through the trails, you’re bound to fall in love with the view. The viewpoints are something else, straight out of a scene from a Disney movie.

Every view in the Malibu hills is Instagram-worthy; as the Gen Zs say, each photo you take in the Malibu hills will leave everyone wondering and you’ll be flooded with comments like “Wait, where is this?”

Experience the NightLife

There’s a saying that Los Angeles never sleeps. The nightlife in Los Angeles is a testament to that. From trendy rooftop bars to nightclubs, live music, and celebrity sightings – get ready to be amazed by everything.

Welcome to LA’s nightlife. Catch a show in a historic venue like the Troubadour, and groove to the beats of the DJ. You’ll find plenty of themed night party options too, from 80’s style to a retro video game night. The theme can be anything, just be prepared to stay pumped.

Helicopter Ride

Now here’s a way to up your LA game – hop on a helicopter ride. Book a helicopter ride; there are plenty available, and you can enjoy the city in a unique way.

Fly between skyscrapers, hover over the coast, and watch sunsets while floating in the sky. A helicopter ride in Los Angeles can’t go wrong.

How to Get Around in Los Angeles

Getting around Los Angeles can really be easy if you know the how-tos. The city’s metro system is easy but having a car is more convenient. Car rentals are pretty cheap here, economy-class cars cost about $30-$40 a day while slightly larger vehicles may cost you about $80-$100 a day. Public transport includes Metro Buses, DASH Buses, and Metro Rail Trains. The Red Line subway links all the attractions. There are taxis, trains & of course ride-sharing options which you might also consider.

Best Time To Visit Los Angeles

For a more comfortable experience, try to explore on weekdays when it’s less crowded. Look for special events on the calendar that match your preferences. Anytime can be the best time to visit Los Angeles if it fits your schedule.

FAQs About Travelling to LA

How can I book a hike to the Hollywood sign? How much is the cost?

Various tour companies offer hikes to the famous Hollywood sign. A fully guided tour can cost you from $30-$80 depending on the amenities provided.

What are some kid-friendly attractions and rides in Disneyland?

Rides like “Jungle Cruise” and “Splash Mountain” are incredibly popular among families with kids. Overall, the entire place is very kid and family-friendly. Rides can vary depending on everyone’s preferences.

What is the best time to hike in Malibu Hills?

Los Angeles’s famous Malibu Hills are known for their breathtaking views throughout the year. To get the best of the best, consider visiting during the spring and fall months.

How much does a helicopter ride over the city cost?

A helicopter ride over the city is a fun and exciting way to look at the city. Basic helicopter rides can cost from $100 to $150 per person, while an extensive city tour will range from around $200 to $400 per person.

How crowded is the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

This place can get quite crowded during the peak tourist season. For a better experience, we recommend you visit during the off-season. Visit from September through November and February through April; during these times, tourist numbers remain relatively lower.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to visit your dream movie place or your dream- Los Angeles has it all. A city built on entertainment franchises never fails to provide entertainment to so many visitors. And the fun part of it is you can be whoever you want. Want to dress like a beer at Disneyland or like your favorite 80’s movie star you have cherished so much since your childhood? Los Angeles gives you the opportunity to be your dream that you can experience with open eyes.

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