How to Plan for Your Post Coronavirus Backpacking Trip

What scares the hell out of you more? The enemy that you can see or the one that you can’t? I know you’ve chosen the second one because that’s what we've dealt with every single day. Yes, I’m talking about COVID-19 or mostly known as the Coronavirus.

I know you’ve been scared too. Come on! Who isn’t? But don’t tell me you’re not been thinking about how to plan for a post coronavirus backpacking trip lately. You’re tired of this invisible prison too, aren’t you?

Thankfully, nothing lasts forever and Covid-19 isn’t beyond that list too. Then what are you waiting for? Let’s get ready with the blueprint of the next backpacking trip then?

Why You Need This Plan To Happen?

Things have never been like this in centuries. It’s probably has ruined a lot of things including your next backpacking trip too. But still, you’re going to need one soon enough.

The reason is we’re dealing with two different catastrophes right now. One is biological and the next one is the psychological one. Like, look at yourself! Have you ever been this way? Unfortunately, you can do nothing much about the pandemic. But can it stop you from doing something for yourself?

Yes, I’m talking about making a plan this time. An actual plan for the next trip. As the pandemic barrier has gone, the first thing you can do is pick up that bag and get lost in the beautiful destination once again. 

You need to fix up the mental cracks that the isolation and this whole Covid-19 situation has brought upon. Sometimes you need a positive ‘Break’ to Break-out’ of something negative.

How to Plan for a Post Coronavirus Backpacking Trip

Understanding the need for a trip and planning and getting outdoors is completely two different things. As a traveler, you already know that a ton of preparations is required in each one of them. But this time, it’s going to be a lot more different than ever and you can feel that too, can’t you? 

So, you need to think a bit out of the box this time. Let’s start with your first to do here.

Post Coronavirus Backpacking Trip Planning

Pick Multiple Destinations

Yup, you’ve heard me right. I’m not asking you to stick to one place as having multiple options will make it less prone to cancellation. Pick the perfect destinations for your next trip. If you’re running out of ideas, the just go the for the travel blogs or YouTube videos to have a better idea of that. 

But when you’re making your list on that, don’t forget to check on the current health situation of the places you’re picking. Worrying on where you’re going to get the info? Well, the WHO website can pretty much help you out there I guess. 

Also, check out the preventive measures of the authority of the place taking to handle the situations. But that’s only when in case you’re planning to go to other countries, as I believe you already know yours. Still, if you want to play safe, then pick places that are less crowded.

We also suggest checking out our list of National Parks in the US guide and visiting National Parks' website for further investigation.

Keep the Cancellation Option in Mind

Sorry to say this, but things can go bad anytime, anywhere again. With Covid-19, you just can’t have faith in the current situation always. So, if you’re planning on flying somewhere else, keep the option open in case you need to take a step back. 

That’s not only for the accommodations or hotels but also for the flights. As things may not be clear on different websites on cancellation, you better take some time before finalizing and swiping your credit card.

Plan Shorter Trips

No, mate. It's not the time for the long one yet. You might hate it, but still its for your own good. This time you might have to cut short the time than your regular one. Try to pick places within a closer location where you can reach faster and get back in the same way too. Neighboring countries should be ideal enough for that.

Don’t Plan Too Ahead

It’s difficult to see nightmares with open eyes, but I think you’ve already seen enough with the current situation. You know how can a bright day turn into a darker night suddenly. 

Maybe things are getting better now in this season, but can you assure that things won’t go bad on the next one? You Can’t. So, try to make the plan within a closer time. That’ll take out the chances of ending up with a canceled trip. You better keep multiple options ready, on both dates and destinations.

Stay Healthy

Ending up with a cold or other diseases probably is not what you’d expect right before the trip. So, you better try to stay healthy for that as much as you can. Exercise daily, eat healthy food, and take proper sleep before the final day arrives. If you plan to go for a short trip you might not want to waste your time preparing your food in the backcountry. No-cook backpacking foods are handy and good to go for that kind of expedition.

Follow All the Precautions

Sooner or later the Covid-19 will go away as well. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have let your guard down on the trip. Follow each and every single precaution that you would’ve taken if you were on a Corona outbreak. Remember, one wrong step might take you to the hospital.

Wait for the Safe Period of Time

Well, things are still pretty much messed up and you can see that for yourself on the TV or the internet. So, don’t think about rushing any sooner. If the authorities haven’t declared it safe to fly or travel, then keep the plans in the cabinet of your head for now. But you’re free to fly once the barricades are gone.

Final Words

It’s all has been too unwanted, uncomfortable comparing to any other time of your life. I know you’re frustrated too about the situation. But you just can’t lose the patience now. 

As you now know how to plan for a post coronavirus backpacking trip, the only thing you need is to pack your backpack and explore. Have a happy vacation ahead!
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