How to Use Electronic Ear Muffs Right Way – Expert Advice

About 22 million U.S. people are exposed to hazardous noise levels each year, says Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Among all of the other sounds, the sound of gunfire is the most perilous noise that Americans are exposed to. You may suffer immediate to permanent hearing loss even with a single shot with an unprotected ear. In that case knowing how to use electronic ear muffs, and by using it properly you can protect your ears from hazardous noise.

Just because you’ve shot without any protection earlier doesn’t mean you won’t get hurt in the future. While any sound over 85 decibels is marked as dangerous, a gun produces about 150 decibels every time you shoot. 
That’s why you should use proper hearing protection to avoid the possibility of any kind of hearing damage. The electronic ear muffs are the best tool you can purchase for your ears protection.

But How to Use Electronic Ear Muffs?

Using an electronic ear muff isn’t rocket science. Keep reading to know the step-by-step process of using an ear muff with ease.

Step 1: Position the Ear Cups Over Ears

More than 50% of people can’t save their ears from noise pollution just because they can’t position the ear cups over ears.
Position the ear cups gently over your ears. Make sure that the ear cups cover your whole ears. There are few workers who don’t want to use electronic ear muffs because it sits tightly with the ear. But, you should know that it won’t cause pain in the ear.
The ear cup is covered with a comfortable pad. This pad not only blocks the sound but also feels good in your pinna.

Step 2: Adjust the Ear Cups Height

After positioning the cups on your ear, it’s time to adjust the height. You have to ensure that the cup fully encloses your ear and seal tightly against your pinna.
There are numerous premium ear muffs that come with luscious amounts of foam. These foams feel so comfortable on your ear. But, few other ear muffs are made of cheap plastic or thin fabric.
If your ear muff contains any cheap material like that, it may hurt your ear for sure. It will be better to check this issue before buying the electronic ear muff.
But, if you already brought one and don’t want to change it, you may need to add some additional cushioning. It reduces the stress on your ear and allows you to wear it for a long time.

Step 3: The Headband Should Sit Straight on the Head

After adjusting the ear muff with the ear, it’s time to take care of your head. The headband should fit well with your skull.
If the band feels like it’s pressing right on your skull, you need to modify the headband. Don’t worry, modifying a headband is a simple DIY task. You will need only some glue or industrial Velcro and replacement cushion.
At first, remove the existing padding of your headband. Then add some glue on the band. Now attach the replacement cushion on it before the glue dries.
By following the steps above, you won’t face any difficulties in using an ear muff. However, you may know that the electronic ear muffs aren't used only to reduce noises. There are a few additional facilities electronic ear muffs provide.
For example, amplification of low sound levels, two-way radio reception, AM/FM radio reception, active noise reduction, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an electronic ear muff?

The electric ear muffs are just like the standard ear muffs. But the electric ones have some additional facilities than the normal ones. For example, you can use the electric one to amplify low sounds, two-way radio communication, AM/FM radio reception, noise reduction, etc.

2. I cannot wear glasses while using ear muffs. What should I do?

Ear muffs might save your ears from noise pollution, but it becomes impossible to wear glasses while wearing ear muffs. The clamps always put pressure on the frames, and it makes them burrow into your temple.
However, there is an easy solution to this problem. Simply take a knife and cut a path like the shape of your frame. You must make this sacrifice in the name of comfort!
After doing this, your glasses won’t feel like a medieval torture device anymore. However, if you are afraid of ruining your cushion, do some trial tasks on some cheap replacement pads. 

3. How to loosen up the clamp?

The clamp must be tight to keep attached to your skull. It prevents the ear muffs from sliding down while you bob your head on the workplace. But, if the clamp is too hard, it might be painful. Thankfully, there’s a pretty easy solution to stretch them out.
You will just need a few books to do that. At first, stack the book's side-by-side until the length becomes equal to your head width. Now stick your ear muff over these books. Keep it like this when you aren’t using them. The clamp will loosen up just after a few days. Thus you’ll feel more comfortable.

4. Can I loosen up the metal clamp?

Sure! Your hand is enough to loosen up the metal bands. Just bend the clamp slowly by hand and keep stretching until its width becomes equal with your head width. But, be careful about bending the clamp too far. If you do so, you can’t get it back to its standard shape.

5. Can I use earplugs and ear muffs together for more noise reduction?

Yes, you can! Even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration allows using earplugs underneath ear muffs. If you use both of these at a time, the overall NRR will increase. Thus you can enjoy a pitch-perfect working environment.

Final Words

A suitable ear protector will keep your ears safe from any damage from loud noises. Hence people always prefer to purchase a branded ear muff. But if you don’t know how to use electronic ear muffs properly, all of the premium ear muffs won’t add any value to you. That's why we've written this guide.
Again electric gadgets are sensitive and you need to take proper care to keep them active and functional. Always pack them in a durable everyday carry backpack whenever you go shooting. Have a good day at work!

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