How to Pack Your Backpack | 5 Rules to Follow

How to Pack Your Backpack

You have been planning for a backpacking trip and gathered all of your backpacking essentials. Now it’s time to pack it inside your backpack. In this article, we’ll cover how to pack your backpack in an easy organized way. There are only five rules which you have to follow.

1. Pack Your Sleeping System On The Bottom: First put your sleeping bag on the bottom of your bag either in the sleeping bag compartment or down to the main compartment. Stash your sleeping pad outside of the bag with the compression straps.

2. Pack Sturdy and Heavy Items On The Middle: Store your sturdy and heavier items in the middle of the backpack. This is the center point of your bag and ensures stability and proper weight distribution. Heavier items like bear canister, cook kit, water filter, stove, and pot are the best option to pack on this section. Here is a good tip for you, put your extra cloth into the gaps in the middle of your bag to create a dense system which will strengthen your backpack.

3. Put Your Tent On The Top of Main Compartment: Put your tent towards the top of your main compartment. If weather changes you can easily access it and set it up.

4. Store First Aid Kit on The Top Lid: Put emergency gear like a headlamp, key-ring and first aid kit inside the top lid compartment.

5. Pack Handy gear in the hip belt pocket: Fill your hip belt pockets with handy items like headphones, knife, flashlight, whistle, and camera.

how to pack your backpack

Now that you know how to pack your backpack; get ready and enjoy the outdoors. If you are looking for the best survival backpack read our Survival Backpack Buying Guide.

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