How To Pack Ties For Travel with These Six Easy and Effective Methods

Packing ties for travel often seems to be a daunting task, especially if you want your ties to arrive at your destination wrinkle-free and ready to wear. What so ever, if you follow the right technique, you can easily pack and carry them without getting creased. In this blog, let's talk about how to pack ties for travel with six simple and effective methods.

Using a Tie Case

Tie cases are designed to keep your ties organized, protected, and wrinkle-free while you're on the go. Tie Cases are available in a variety of types and you can use one that fits your needs.

This is a convenient accessory for you to have organized, protected, and wrinkle-free ties while you are traveling. The case is made of durable fabric, like solid nylon. It is handy enough to fit easily into a bag without taking up much space. It also comes with a large capacity to hold up to 4-5 ties. You can clip the Cufflinks and tie clips in the case.

This is also Waterproof and Wear-resistant. A smooth and comfortable cutting, non-toxic material, and multi-strand line will surely give you an exclusive and satisfying experience. All these make it an excellent option for you if you want to pack efficiently and have a wrinkle-free tie no matter where you go!

Travel case roll is effortless to carry. It can be rolled up and secured with a Drawstring closure, an impressive fastening mechanism, making it compact and portable. It is made of durable faux vegan leather with a PU cylinder frame. One standard necktie, two skinny ties, or 1-2 bowties can be easily fitted here. You can also count it as a perfect business gift or formal present that comes in stylish gift-quality packaging.

Protective features and accessible usage make it necessary if you frequently travel with ties.

This is a zipper-locked tie organizer. One of the key advantages of this tie case organizer is its packing capacity, which easily fits up to 6 ties. It is made of fabric, plastic, and polyester, showcasing the best quality rated SBS brand zipper with anti-catch technology. It features multiple compartments to hold and separate each tie securely. You can put neckties, bow ties, and accessories neatly inside your suitcase and transfer the tie case directly to the dresser drawer.

You will also find a storage mesh bag inside to safely store your cufflinks, bow ties, tie bars, collar stays, and other small tie essentials. The reinforced plastic structure holds the form of the slim tie case with a dimension of about 16.5 x 6 by 1.5 inches. This ensures that the ties remain easily accessible and effortless to find the desired tie regardless of rummaging all over the luggage.

When packing your ties in a tie case, it's important to first fold them in half lengthwise. Then simply pack the ties if it's a flat tie case. Otherwise, if it's a roll tie case then tightly roll the tie to form a circular shape and place it inside.

Best way to pack ties

The tie case will keep your ties protected during travel and also make it easy to find when you need it. Another advantage of using a tie case is it saves space in your suitcase.

Folding Your Tie In Half

Folding a tie in half is an easy and effective way to prevent creases and wrinkles while packing it in your luggage. Here's the method to do it right:

Step 1

Lay the tie on a flat clean surface, It could be your bed or your table.

Step 2

Fold the tie in half lengthwise, bringing one end of the tie over the other. Make sure that the front side of the tie is facing up.

Step 3

Once the tie is folded in half, place it between two shirts or pieces of cloth and pack them inside the luggage.

Step 4

Zip up the luggage and you are ready to go!

This is the simple best solution to pack your tie during travel.

Rolling up Your Tie

Rolling up Your Tie

Rolling up a tie is another easy and effective way of packing. The process is simple and helps to keep the tie compact and prevent creases from forming. Here's how to roll a tie for travel:

Step 1

Lay the tie flat on a clean surface, with the front of the tie facing up.

Step 2

Fold the tie in half lengthwise, making sure that the folded edge is aligned with the bottom edge of the tie. (Which we've mentioned in the 'Folding Your Tie In Half' section)

Step 3

Starting at the folded end, roll the tie tightly towards the other end. Make sure that the roll is tight and compact.

Step 4

Once the tie is rolled, you can place it in a tie case or a small pouch, or even in a zip lock bag.

Step 5

Place the pouch or zip lock bag inside your luggage or suitcase and you're done.

This method will keep your ties organized and easy to find while you're on the go.

Packing Up Your Tie in a Suit Bag

The Suit Bag and Hanger Method is also a great way to pack your tie with a suit for travel, as it keeps both items protected and wrinkle-free while also making them easy to access. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the suit and hanger method to pack your ties:

Step 1

Start by placing a hanger on the suit (on the left and right corners)or by hanging the suit on a sturdy hanger.

Step 2

Button up the suit and fold the tie over the bottom part of the hanger; align both ends of the tie.

Step 3

Put the small end of the tie through the loop to secure it. You can also use a small tie clip.

Step 4

Pack your suit in a suit bag or garment bag and done.

You can easily access your suit and tie since you keep them together in this method but the main drawback is it only works when you travel shorter distances.

Self-loop Method

It is another tricky way to have your ties organized. Most people need to learn the efficiency of self-loop. So here you go -

Step 1

Search for the self-loop or the manufacturer label on the back part of your tie.

Step 2

Grab the narrow end and put it right through the loop, folding it into half.

Step 3

Repeat the process and have two folds.

Step 4

Place it under your suit or jacket, making it nice and flat.

Although this method is very effective, you may need help organizing these repeatedly.

Cardboard Tube Method

This is more of a 5-minute solution when you are in a rush. It is a very effective way to organize your ties perfectly.

Step 1

Find a cardboard tube like those used in wrapping or tissue paper.

Step 2

Have the narrow end of your tie and start rolling the tie tightly around it.

Step 3

Clip the wide part of the tie with the remaining portion once you are finished rolling.

This technique will keep your ties nicely fit and organized. But not joking; you may have actual trouble finding the perfect cardboard tube!

Final Thoughts

If you're heading on a business trip and need to pack your ties, these methods will come in handy and will make your travel experience much more stress-free. So, next time you're packing for a trip, ensure your ties are in excellent condition and ready to be worn for any occasion by practically implementing these, and enjoy a smooth journey with your perfectly packed ties!

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