How to Carry a Gun While Backpacking

Have you ever met a Grizzly bear? No, I’m not asking about seeing one in the zoo, but in wild, when you’re hiking or taking a wild road. If you haven’t then you wouldn’t understand but I think you still can feel the chilled flow of fear running through your backbone.

But would you equally be scared if you had a gun in your hand? No, I guess. So, if you don’t want to be the beer’s next dinner, knowing how to carry a gun while backpacking might actually save your but there.

Why Would Need a Gun in Your Backpack?

How many times have things gone beyond your blueprints of plans? A lot I think. So, can you ensure that the same won’t happen when you’re hiking? But there can be times when you might need to be brave enough to grab a gun to deal with some ‘Not so good’ situations. 

But that doesn’t mean every time you’ll have to carry one just to save yourself. There can be other reasons too. Well, here’s they are.

Self Defense

You’re not superman, okay? So, there’s a 0% chance that you might remain intact when there’s a tiger or bear is in the mood for snacks and you end up in front of them. But a gunshot should be enough to scare them away at that moment. 

In case it attacks you, you can just shoot it for your own safety. But wait, how will you take the shot if you don’t have a gun? Well, that goes for wild animals. 

But what is more dangerous than a tiger or a bear is human. Yes, you heard me right. The world is full of nice people, but the same goes for the opposite one as well. But when you have a gun on your hand, I don’t think anyone would like to mess with you that easily in the wild.


If you’re more of a hunter and loves going in the wild on and off, then carrying a gun has no other alternative here. By the way, this time I’m not talking about carrying a handgun, but a big one. The bigger it will be, the more cautiousness you’ll have to maintain while carrying it around. 

Usually, hunting guns come with a bigger size and different specification than a regular handgun. It’s not about saving your butt this time but taking something else down.

How to Carry a Gun While Backpacking

As you’ve made it that far, then I’m guessing you’re really serious about carrying some actual firepower with you. Well, there’s two type of situation where you may need to use a gun just like I’ve told you above. In the case of regular handguns, the carrying process is a little different than the hunting one.

So, I’ll tell you about each one of them, one by one. Let’s start with the handguns as in emergencies, they’ve proven to be more useful.


You’re not John Wick, so I hope you’re not going to carry a gun to kill someone. But you’re on hiking; there can be situations where you’ll need instant firepower support. This means, you’ll need to have quick access to the gun to face it all. So, there’s two way to have easier access to it.

  • Using Pouch

Putting the gun in the pockets of your bag won’t let you get it quickly for sure. But the bear won’t wait till you pull the gun out and shoot. He’ll just come in seconds and you’ll become his next snack. That’s how about 40 attacks each year are taking place all over the globe. 

So, it’ll be better if you can attach a pouch to the shoulder stripes where you can keep the gun. It won’t take much of your time to pull that out from there. But always keep the safety on, in case you don’t want to wound yourself. 

Fix the pouch to the stripe in a way where it won’t move too much. Otherwise, the possibility of having an accident may rise higher than you’re expecting.

  • Using Holster

Want to have real gangster vibe in the wild? Well, get yourself a holster then. Getting a holster can help you more finely with pulling the gun out instantly. There’s two way to use it. You can put that with the belt of your pant or can use it as the shoulder holster. In both ways, the gun will closer to your hand.

Hunting Guns

Now don’t tell me you’re thinking about putting your hunting gun in the bag’s pocket. Just kidding! Hunting guns are comparatively heavier and difficult to carry. So unlike the handguns, you need to follow a different approach for this one. 

If you’re not unaware of the backpacking tactics, then you already know that heavier things should be kept on the top of the bag. But as hunting guns are nothing like your food cans, you can’t let it be in your bag’s compartment. 

So, you need to tag it with stripes in a parallel way on the top of your bag. It’s because this way, you can keep the weight away from getting heavy on your back and also keep it balanced while walking. 

One more thing, if you’re not in an emergency or less likely to be in one, keep the gun unloaded then. And of course, don’t forget to get your ear covered while shooting if you don’t want damaged ear this time.

Electronic ear muffs seem more comforting these days than the regular one. So, you can pick one of those if you want. But make sure it's not getting your backpack heavier anymore.

Final Words

A new trend has been catching on amongst many of the visitors to the National Parks. The more avid hikers and backpackers are carrying firearm with them as they explore some of America's most beautiful natural landscapes. Laws vary from state to state as to what you can carry in the National Parks, but this practice has been getting some attention from those who have been victims of crime inside these protected areas.

The National Park service (NPS) continues to allow concealed carry firearms in national parks. The NPS issued a directive clarifying that "firearms or other weapons may be carried by visitors within a national park area provided they are carried unloaded and stored securely."

Congress approved a new law allowing loaded firearms in national parks starting Feb. 22, 2010. That means people can openly carry legal handguns, rifles, shotguns and other firearms and also may carry concealed guns as allowed by state statute.

Not everyone is a fan of carrying guns while they’re on hiking or having a perfect adventure time. But you can’t avoid the risk factors there as well. So, it’s better to stay prepared for anything. Knowing how to carry a gun while backpacking I think can help you out more here.

R. Adrian

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