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How to Use Electronic Ear Muffs

About 22 million U.S. people are exposed to hazardous noise levels each year, says CDC. Among all of the other sounds, the sound of gunfire is the most perilous noise that Americans are exposed to. You may suffer immediate to permanent hearing loss even with a single shot with an unprotected ear.Just because you’ve shot […]

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How to Sew a Patch on a Backpack – Easy Steps

Sewing a patch on a Backpack is something that is not only done out of trend but also a fun activity that includes showing off those collected patches from your journey to different places. Stitching those patches on your bag displays your craze for different fandom and your preferred fantasy world. Be it to hide torn […]

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How to Wash a Backpack – An Easy & Simple Guide

Backpacks are undoubtedly a daily requirement, especially when you’re a travel enthusiast, or when you have school-going youngsters. Be it both ways, damp cloths from gym classes or riverside swim break always find their ways into those sack of fabric, or leather, depending on your taste. If you’re a clumsy person like me who spills food […]

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Top Backpacking Destinations 2020 in USA

This is the right time for backpacking and you have just started planning your trip, all the best. In this article we will cover top 5 backpacking destinations in USA; backpackers itching to visit in 2020. 1. Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park – ALASKA Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park – ALASKAAlaska is always a great […]

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How to Pack Your Backpack | 5 Rules to Follow

You have been planning for a backpacking trip and gathered all of your backpacking essentials. Now it’s time to pack it inside your backpack. In this article, we’ll cover how to pack your backpack in an easy organized way. There are only five rules which you have to follow.1. Pack Your Sleeping System On The […]

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