VENTURE 4TH Summer Sleeping Bag – Best Budget Sleeping Bag

If you are looking for the best budget sleeping bag for your upcoming trip you have come to the right place. In this post, we are reviewing VENTURE 4TH, the most lightweight, comfortable and budget-friendly backpacking sleeping bag.

In every backpacking expeditions, you need proper rest. And it needless to tell the importance of a sleeping bag. A lightweight sleeping bag is a must in every backpacking expeditions. It’s crucial for comfort safety and preparing your body for the next day.

Why we Choose VENTURE 4TH as Best Budget Sleeping Bag?

Ultra Comfortable Sleeping Bag

Venture 4th is made of high quality soft 210T waterproof polyester to ensure comfort and make you warm even in the toughest weather condition. The waterproof design of Venture 4th eliminate moisture and ensures comfort. This is a barrel-shaped sleeping bag which offers plenty of space inside it.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

When fully rolled out the sleeping bag dimension is about 29.5 inches by 86.6 inches. Venture 4th is a lightweight sleeping bag with only 1209 grams weight combining both the sleeping bag and plastic carry bag. Moreover, the carry bag assembled with travel-friendly straps for comfortable transportation. All in all this lightweight sleeping bag will save you some space in time of backpacking which is great.

Multi-Season Use

Venture 4th sleeping bag is tested to the highest standards, and it can withstand the harshest temperatures. This 3 season sleeping bag keeps you warm in -1℃ temperatures, and works great up to 20℃ temperatures without any overheating issues, just perfect for multi-season use.

Quick and Easy to Pack

To pack the sleeping bag is super easy. Just follow the below steps.

1. Lay Bag Out Flat
2. Fold 1/3 in length-ways
3. Fold in 1/2 from bottom
4. Roll up from bottom
5. Roll up to top
6. Insert Roll Into Bag
7. Tighten Drawstring
8. Secure Velcro Strap

VENTURE 4TH Sleeping Bag

Hassle Free Assurance

Venture 4th offers money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy after experiencing the product, they’ll refund your money without any question asked.

Features You Will Like

1. Sticker tape to prevent zippers from slipping.

2. High-quality stitching for more durability.

3. Free lightweight compression sack: In terms of backpacking, you need lightweight and easy to carry sleeping bag. Venture 4th is designed to be as lightweight as possible for simple portability. Moreover, this sleeping bag comes with compression straps to make it lightweight. Fit nicely on any backpack.

4. Soft and breathable lining material: This venture 4th sleeping bag is made with 100% skin friendly polyester material, you need not worry about chafing or itching. Skin-friendly soft material ensures a relaxing sleep throughout the night.
Cleaning and maintenance is super easy of this quick dry waterproof materials bag. Just perfect for backpacking, camping, and hiking.

5. Half-circle hood with adjustable drawstring: In the upper head section, you got a Half-circle hood with adjustable drawstring and mummy design. You can keep your ears covered and ensure your head worm.

6. Two-way zipper for easy in and out access.


  • Budget friendly sleeping bag
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • High quality waterproof material
  • Perfect for 3 season
  • Hassle free lifetime warranty


  • Inefficient for winter expeditions

Venture 4th is the best budget sleeping bag out there in the market, comes with hassle-free lifetime warranty. Perfect for camping and backpacking expeditions.

Venture 4th Sleeping Bag FAQs

Question: Is it washable?

Answer: Yes, It is washable. The tag says to wash and hang to dry!

Question: Can I carry this on the plane?

Answer: Yes, absolutely you can carry this Sleeping Bag on a plane. When it rolled up this Sleeping Bag is only 16 inches high with a 7.5-inch diameter. Therefore it fits either in the overhead bin or under the seat. Plus, if you're cold on the airplane you can just open the Sleeping Bag and use it as a blanket throughout your flight.

Question: How big is the bag when it is packed, does it fit into a tracking bag?

Answer: It's pretty small with the size of 16 inches high and 7.5-inch diameter when packed. Easily fits inside a sleeping bag compartment. In spite of that, you can hang it outside of your backpack.

Question: Does it have a zipper?

Answer: Yes, it does. The zipper runs all way down to the bottom, and the bag as a whole unzips into a blanket.

Question: Do you feel the floor in this bag?

Answer: Yes, and it’s common for most sleeping bags. You have to use a sleeping pad.

Question: Are we able to zip 2 of these together to make a double sleeping bag?

Answer: You could zip 2 of these Backpacking Sleeping Bags together, however, they have not specifically been designed for this. If you join two together, one will have the hood part under the head on the floor, but the second bag will have the hood part on top. Apart from this, it works great.

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