GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug Review – Best Backpacking Mug

You will agree with me if I say backpacking trips are worthless without a backpacking mug. It’s crucial for every backpacker. Therefore we are reviewing the best backpacking mug GSI Outdoors Infinity.

Why we Choose GSI Outdoors Infinity as Best Backpacking Mug?

Lightweight Insulated Sleeve

GSI Outdoors Infinity mug is crafted with a Lightweight Insulated Nylon-Wrapped Sleeve. This sleeve holds air and keeps your beverages worm in mug while backpacking. The sleeve also attached with a collapsible tarpaulin handle. This sturdy webbing handle gives a great grip. When you are drinking you can easily use it and in time of packing, you can collapse it for easier packing and convenient travel.

GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug

Easy Measuring Cup

This Infinity mug includes a ‘Inside cup view scale’ for easy measuring. That means you can measure your contents inside the cup even after the sleeve is on. This backpacker mug holds 17 fluid ounces of liquid with just weights of 3.5 ounces. The mug dimension is about 4*3.6*4.6 inch.

Made from BPA-Free Leaching Polypropylene

The cup is made from BPA-Free Leaching polypropylene. This plastic is safer than others.

Sealable Sip-it-lid

The sealable sip-it-lid on the top keeps your contents both warm and cold. The most important thing this lid keeps your beverage free from spills trail dust, and critters.


  • Sealable Sip-it-lid
  • Lightweight Insulated Sleeve
  • Easy Measuring
  • Reasonable Price


  • Not Convenient as Cookware Mug

GSI Infinity Backpacker Mug FAQs

How can I wash the outside sleeve?

You could hand wash with mild soap or put through a washer with cold water.

What is the dimension of this backpacking mug?

The dimension of this mug is about 43.64.6 inch.

Does this mug collapse?

No it does not?

Can I take hot coffee into it?

Yes, Both hot and cold coffee

Can I brew tea in it?

Sure, Just pour hot water and hang your tea bag in it.

Is the fabric handle sturdy enough to actually use as a handle?

Yes, but you have to hold it carefully. It might take a minute to get used to it, otherwise works fine.

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